CINDERELLA’S VILLAIN SONG | Animatic | So this is love? | By Lydia the Bard

CINDERELLA’S VILLAIN SONG | Animatic | So this is love? | By Lydia the Bard


It’s a new villain y’all

Hope you enjoy Cinderella’s villain song! She’s a gal whose just over the fairytale love story and being sold dreams of a happy ending. Now she’s embracing being an agent of chaos and we love her for it.

We’ve gone a lot rockier with this arrangement and I LOVE IT, big up Tony Halliwell for producing this track, it slaps. And the artwork?!? My God @sarahsworks you have OUTDONE YOURSELF. Links to find them below.


The day is mild, the sun glowing sweetly in the sky and Cinderella sits at her desk waiting with bated breath for the man she loves to walk through the door and save her. Only last night she met her soul mate, the person she knew she’d spend the rest of her life with. Then the clock struck twelve and Cinderella’s spell was broken, forcing them apart. But the power of love is strong, she’s read it in her books, and it can conquer all.

Finally the prince’s men arrive, she knew he’d come for her! Cinderella races to her door to greet them, only to find that she had been locked in by her evil stepmother. Quickly, Cinderella sends her mice friends downstairs to retrieve the key, but unlike the tale you may be familiar with, they are unable to steal the key in time and so Cinderella misses their visit and her chance to be with the prince.

Cinderella remains in her room, locked there for weeks, living off of the hope that the Prince must be waiting for her. She has always been a being of love and hope, it’s all that’s gotten her through those years living as a servant, all that has gotten her through these tortuous weeks, the hope that there was a light, there was love at the end of the tunnel. If you stayed strong and treated those around you with kindness, no matter what they threw at you, then eventually you would find happiness too. Her Fairy Godmother would visit occasionally, encouraging her to wait, that much as she may wish, she cannot interfere in the course of true love anymore, the prince must come for her. And at long last her time was about to arrive, the man she loved would come for her eventually and she would finally step into a life she deserved. She just had to remain patient.

One afternoon, Cinderella is sitting at her desk again, her regular spot as she waits for her prince and to her surprise, her Fairy Godmother arrives to deliver some news. News that rocks Cinderella to her core. The prince has given up his search to find her. The prince has married another.

Cinderella’s heart plummets, at the height of her hope, the precipice of a new life, she is thrown right back to where she started. She truly thought this was her time, that the prince was different. A shadow crosses Cinderella’s face, a darkness she hasn’t felt ever before entering her heart. In a world full of evil even the purest of hearts can break and become something darker, something unrecognizable. For so long she had hoped for a life different to the one she had been given, she had taken the high road and sacrificed her own wellbeing in the process. But the high road suddenly looks far too high to climb and the low road seems very very appealing. Forgiveness and kindness have gotten her nowhere and so maybe it’s time for a different approach.

So this is love? Well if that’s the case, then she doesn’t want it. In fact she’ll ensure it’s something she never has to worry about again. After all, isn’t it about time she took back control of her life?


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