I Won BIG at Anime NYC 2023 🤯😭

I Won BIG at Anime NYC 2023 🤯😭

Anime / Manga Name: Undead Unluck

Genres: Action, Comedy, Supernatural, Shonen

Where to Watch/Read: Hulu (Anime), Shonen Jump App (Manga)

and i now have an autographed shikishi from the series 🙂

I WON a hand-signed shikishi at Anime NYC! As a part of Viz Media’s “Undead Unluck” panel, they took “prize breaks” where you could answer TRIVIA questions in return for gifts. And after seeing some of the PRIZES, I knew I had to TRY. So despite having a MIXED knowledge of Undead Unluck, I gave it a shot! And after CONFIRMING my answer with the crowd, I was given this t-shirt, along with a SIGNING wristband that allowed me to MEET the creator of the series! And that’s how…

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